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JUNIOR JAM: A record number of college players (102) have given up their remaining college eligibility to jump into this year's NFL draft. Adam Oates Jersey While the first-round is sure to include plenty of underclassmen draftees, led by the likes of Wholesale Nike Shoes Online Manziel and Clowney, dozens of other early-entry draft hopefuls must show they're worthy of being drafted. If the underclassmen do Wholesale China Jerseys Free Shpping well and go high, the trend of seeing more and more underclassmen enter the draft could continue in future years.
CHARACTER COUNTS: The toughest job this week goes to any of the players having to answer questions about their character. The list of indiscretions includes everything from arrests Cheap NHL Jerseys Authentic to drug-related suspensions to the use, or misuse, of Twitter. What scouts and team execs will try to do is sort fact from fiction as they attempt to figure out whether these Cheap China Jerseys were simple youthful missteps or a pattern of behavior that could continue to cause problems in the future.

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